Sunday, April 03, 2011

boston trip

JFK library and museum in boston

this morning we got back home from a vacation in boston.  it was a lot of fun, but very cold!  we (hubby and me) both had the jfk presidential library and museum on the top of our list of things to see.  it was very interesting and one of our favorite things of the whole trip.  we were both very interested in president kennedy growing up...i think i mentioned before that the president's assasination was on my third birthday.

we went to see the patriots museum at the stadium in foxborough as well, since hubby is a huge football fan.  that was pretty interesting too.  we had to rent a car to go down there, since boston has a great public transportation, we did not have a car but that one day.  we also tried to go down to cape cod while we had the car, but it was late in the day and by the time we got down close to it, it was too dark and we headed back to boston.

this is just a random shot of a dunkin' donuts on our trip back from foxborough...i am SO  in love with dunkin' donuts!  there are dunkin' donuts EVERYWHERE in new england!  we don't have them here in the pacific northwest, at least not any that i am aware of (if there are, don't tell me!  so dangerous to the waistline!)  but the awesome thing besides the donuts is that you ask for coffee regular and it comes to you with cream and sugar, just perfect to my taste!

salem, massachusetts

another day trip we took out of boston was to salem to see the area of the witch trials.  we went on the commuter train, and walked around a bit and had a nice lunch at red's sandwich shop.  hubby got a psychic reading while we were there too, at crow haven corner.  we got dressed up as witches and had our pictures was lots of fun!

inside fenway park, the groundcrew getting ready for opening day

on one of the days, we took a tour of fenway park.  there was a flurry of activity at the park getting it spiffed up for opening day!  it was kind of funny, today when i was checking e-mails, i got one that came from susan at food blogga, and she posted about a delicious looking sausage sandwich just like you can get at fenway!  (check it out...she has a cookbook too, with the recipe for the sausage sandwich, and other tasty sammiches!)

the green monster at fenway

here is a shot of the hotel where we stayed, the omni parker house, the place where the parker house roll was invented, and also the origin of the boston cream pie. when hubby was booking flights and the hotel, i was looking on my laptop for things to do in boston.  when he finished booking the hotel, i was looking at the haunted tours packages online, and i noticed that the omni parker house was on it, and was supposed to be one of the top 10 most haunted hotels in america!  well, i was disappointed to not have seen any ghostly things while we were there, not even at any of the historic graveyards around the hotel.

omni parker house lobby, looking toward the restaurant and bar
but when i downloaded the photos, i noticed there is an orb in this one!  my oldest daughter and i enlarged it on the computer, and it seems to have an image of a face in it...youngest daughter says, "dust and light, mom.  it's just dust and light".  i like to think it was a ghost!


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thank you daniel! i like your paintings...very beautiful. thanks for visiting my blog!

Anonymous said...

Boston is such a beautiful city! Thanks for the tour - looks like you had an action packed time.