Wednesday, April 27, 2011

hippie at heart...

i have been loving these bohemian hippie jeans skirts made of recycled jeans lately.

skirt from true religion 
they were around all over the place in the 60's, and i loved them back then too, but i was just a kid and didn't get to wear one.  so now that they are around again, and i see them on popular clothing sites, but i don't want to pay over $200!  i want to try to make a couple with jeans that i have around ('cause i rarely throw out old jeans) and also combine them with some old skirts that i have that have been much loved and also cannot commit to tossing out! (my daughter often accuses me of being a hoarder.)

there are a couple of books i have my eye on, that take old jeans and recycle them into other objects.  one is "jean therapy: denim deconstruction for the conscientious crafter"  it has a great photo of a recycled jeans skirt on the cover.  another book that looks fabulous is "denim revolution: dozens of ways to turn denim cast-offs into fashion must haves"  the author of the book also has a really great blog...actually i saw the book ON her blog, that is how i knew about it!

well, i will dig out some of my old jeans that i have saved, and play around with them.  if i come up with something interesting, i will post about it when i finish.

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Lyn said...

I look forward to seeing what you come up with