Thursday, May 19, 2011


had another sleepless night last night...well, i shouldn's say sleepless. i got a whole hour of sleep finally.  when i can't sleep, i have learned the worst thing to do is just lie there and try to fall asleep.  i get up and make some chamomile or linden flower tea.  or sometimes hot milk, even though i hate milk, but it actually really works.  but lately, if the pup hears someone in the kitchen late at night he wants to get up and investigate, so i decided to just quietly turn the tv on.  i ended up finding this old movie that i had seen long ago, "race for the yankee zephyr"

i had planned to just record it, and watch another time... i didn't expect that i would stay awake that long, but i did.  it was interesting, and about what i remembered it to be.  it has donald pleasance in it as the rummy old guy, that finds an old plane called the yankee zephyr. the plane went down in the war, with gold bars on board...and a case of booze!  of course, bad guys find out about it, and start to chase him and his little crew, looking for the loot too.  george peppard plays a strange bad guy... mean, but at the same time silly.  he is really rich, and he bosses his evil minions about, while they slog around the mountains of new zealand in suits and ties!

it kind of reminded me of another movie i liked, that had a similar premise..."florida straits".  i liked that movie because it had raul julia in it! remember raul julia?  i just ADORED him!  in that movie, he hires a guys with a boat to help him find long forgotten gold, but it is hidden in cuba!  of course, more bad guys end up chasing them, but it has a few good twists.  i saw it on tv long ago, and i think it was was one of the first raul julia movies i had seen that made me start to love him.

my daughters like romantic comedy, and comedy, but give me a movie where there is drama, and chases, and stuff blowing up! 

maybe i will take a nap now.


Lyn said...

As you say, the worst thing you can do is just lay there and try to fall asleep. All that ever does for me is to make me more uptight and wide awake.
I often listen to music or read EBooks on my IPhone.
The funny (and perverse) thing is that if I watch movies in the living room, I struggle to stay awake. If I watch them in bed, I could probably stay up all night.

The Blue Faerie said...

Hey! Good to have you back! :)

Which one was better? YZ or FS? I'm thinking that gold bars and booze sounds like it would definitely be worth a Friday night. :)

Elinor Phillips said...

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