Tuesday, September 16, 2008

update on the mystery house trip

what is this? this is the ONLY picture that we could get to download from our shots of the winchester mystery house. it is my daughter, and it looks like there is someone behind her...there isn't. it was cool in a creepy, interesting way. not anything like i expected, it is very big and we even got to go in the basement, which was just spooky. while we were there, i was looking for a souvenier to take home, and i felt like i should buy these tarot cards. (did the place compel me to do it?) i had always wanted to get some someday, and learn to read them, (isn't that what gypsies do?) and it felt like the perfect place to buy them from, at the time.

the rest of the trip was fun too, visiting with family was fun, and i think my grama really enjoyed it too. it was very interesting traveling with my kids as grownups...we drank a lot! we all wanted to spend a little more time in santa cruz and a lot more time at the beach!
then, there was the concert...wow, it was the BEST! we sat in the 7th or 8th row back, nearly in the center and i loved it! carlos is the best, and hearing it live for the very first time was like a religious experience! (or what i imagine they would be like, if i were religious at all) i can see how people would go to those concerts every time he comes to town...maybe i will now too! still, i think doing tequila shots with him would have been pretty good too! (lucky girl!)


Laura said...

Hi Cyndi-

Thanks for your latest visit to Rhinestone-Armadillo. I know what you mean about long hair and belly dancers.....I love to see their hair shimmy along with everything else.

Wow---that Winchester House looks amazing from the link on your site. That stained glass spiderweb window was gorgeous. I wish more of your photos had turned out----boohooo. That was super creepy, though----it DOES look like someone was behind your daughter. Spooky!

amanda button said...

that photos is SO creepy! I love it! Winchester House is one of those places that are on my "bucket list".

Sounds ke Santana was amazing. YOu know, i always loved them....i think it was my "rebellious" side...i remember this big presentation, at he church i was made to attend long ago, about how evil a satanic rock music was...and they picked on Santana quite alot, thereby ensuring i seek it out and love it pretty much immediately :) If that is what music sounds like in hell, then i am am ready to dance! :D


Bemused Boomer said...

Your tarot deck is truly lovely! If you don't decide to read them, you could frame them and put them on your wall. If you do decide to do readings, will you do one for me? My daughter used to do them a long time ago, and I kind of miss it.

Did your daughter feel a "presence" behind her when you took the picture? :)

cinderelly said...

laura ~ i loved your 'long hair' post! i will have to do a post about the long haired dancer i mentioned. there was a room at the mystery house that contained many windows that were ordered and never used that they displayed...it was beautiful and i took a photo but of course it came out badly. thanks for leaving a comment!

amanda ~ santana was beyond amazing! me too, i'll dance in hell if there is that music there! lol!

'bemused boomer' ~ aren't they beautiful!? i am looking out for a good book to learn to read them, if i figure it out i will give it a try for you...over tea! (nope, she didn't feel anything or at least she didn't say.)