Thursday, December 02, 2010

my 50th birthday party

i recently celebrated my 50th birthday and my hubby gave me a "superheros party" at the restaurant we sometimes dance at!  it was great fun, and here is my little three kids, my hubby and me!  hubby made the invitations and decided i was to be wonderwoman, so that was what i was!  i was sewing this costume up until about an hour before i was to leave for the party!  while i was sewing the red corset, i had an idea that i would love to go as elektra instead of wonderwoman, but everyone was expecting wonderwoman, so i stayed on track.  besides, i did not know where i would find the forkie weapons elektra has, so close to party time.  but maybe for halloween!

my beautiful friend malia!

it was a lot of fun, and all my friends and family that came played along, and came in costume for the most part.  even my mom came as "supermom"!  my hubby hired one of my friends to come do a bellydance performance also, and she was amazing.  she, of course, got me up to dance for the last dance of the set, and i danced with her, and then she got all of the others she knew to be dancers out too.  it was just so much fun, it was a little sad when the night came to an end!

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Rue said...

Happy Birthday! What a wonderful way to celebrate - sounds like your hubby did a great job with the party planning. And you did a great job with the costume!